‘Loaded keto burgers and salad’ recipe


Soooo much flavours going on here 🤤- it was mouthwatering and so quick and easy to make🤤🤤
I did OMAD and broke my fast with this beauty. Loaded burgers BUT —- KETO Style! With so much going on, you couldn’t possibly miss the burger bun! perfect for any low-carb lifestyle or healthier treat. Enjoy!! x



Keto trio: meat: burgers, prawns, & bacon. veg: onions, spring onions & a salad bag. fats: slices of cheese & garlic infused olive oil.

seasoning: Spicentice gourmet burger rub [20% off with code: Paige20] , pepper, mixed herbs, chilli flakes. sauce: sweet chilli sauce & ketchup.


  1. I poured olive oil on top of my burgers then rubbed in my Spicentice gourmet burger rub. I then put them in the air fryer for the first 15 minutes on about 180. (for about 20 mins in total – keep them in shorter or longer depending on how well-done you like your burgers!)
  2. I put my shredded onions and prawns in the air fryer half way (for about 10 mins) and stirred them in the seasoned juice the burgers created🤭 .
  3. then sprinkled pepper and a bit of my gourmet burger seasoning on my piece of bacon then put it in the air fryer (for about 8 minutes)
  4. I took the burgers, onions, prawns and bacon out once cooked and placed them on the side.
  5. I then sliced a piece of cheese to put on each burger, first layering the bacon on top, followed by the cheese slices. I then put them back in for 3-5 mins until melted.
  6. I put my mixed salad on a plate, then chopped some spring onions. I placed my burgers (with the bacon and cheese on top) on the plate, and then shared the prawns, onions and spring onions between my burgers and salad.
  7. Finally, I sprinkled mixed herb seasoning, chilli flakes and garlic infused olive oil over my dish and lined my plate with ketchup for dipping (I added some sweet chilli sauce after the picture too) –

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️ Lots of love & i’d love to see your finished piece if you decide to recreate this meal, so please share! and tag me on instagram @paigedoesketo


[Disclaimer – you may decide to use different ingredients *in this case sauces* depending on your goals and style of keto. I dont count calories or net carbs and this works for me and my weight-loss journey – please keep this in mind]

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