A personalised keto meal plan made especially for you.

What can I ACTUALLY eat on a keto diet?

When I started keto, the most DIFFICULT thing for me was figuring out what I was going to eat each day without a meal plan. As a keto newbie (or beginner), you’re navigating SO many things. You’re struggling to take in all the information that’s out there; trying to work out whats keto from whats not keto (suddenly everything’s carby). And naturally – low-carb is a VERY different way of eating. I needed a meal plan to keep me on track and in check!

You have to get your mind right and develop healthier habits in order to stick it through. I failed my first time doing keto for these very reasons.. it got boring!! I ate chicken and salad every single day because I didn’t have the time to create a varied meal plan – and salad was ‘healthy’ to me so I stuck with that until I couldn’t anymore.

I eat what I want.

Fast forward, I’ve lost 29lbs in 5 months eatings loaded burgers, peanut butter pancakes and chicken wings. – this is what my keto looks like, these are some of my favourite foods I’ve discovered and created over some time.. and i’m consistent and in love with this lifestyle because of that.

Your keto is different. Although you’d loveee my peanut butter pancakes, on average we’ll like different things! That’s why I think it’s so important that you are able to adapt your favourite foods and make them keto and also find new meals you’ll LOVE. THAT’S how we create consistency and change our lives for good x

– and you can too!

Let me do this for you. For £15, I will give you a consultation, find out what foods you like and then create a personalised keto friendly 28 day meal plan for you. I’m keen for you to learn from this experience and learn how you can create your own keto meals – so I will leave you 2 extra days (30 in total) on your calendar empty! try something new!

The most important thing to me is that I create products for you that are valuable and equip you with skills that you will use every day after this 28 day period. I also want everyone to have access to this tool – so I have made it both affordable and personal.

Are you ready to change your life and discover delicious new meals?

A 28 day personalised meal plan with intermittent fasting schedule

After purchase, we will have a consultation where we will talk about the foods you like and your eating habits. I will then send you your personalised 28 day meal plan within the next 3 working days after your consultation.


A personalised 28 day meal plan
  • Following a consultation, you will receive your personalised 28 day meal plan with intermittent fasting. [in the form of a PDF]
*An example of what my personal 1 week meal plan would look like.

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