‘Loaded keto burgers and salad’ recipe


Soooo much flavours going on here 🤤- it was mouthwatering and so quick and easy to make🤤🤤
I did OMAD and broke my fast with this beauty. Loaded burgers BUT —- KETO Style! With so much going on, you couldn’t possibly miss the burger bun! perfect for any low-carb lifestyle or healthier treat. Enjoy!! x



Keto trio: meat: burgers, prawns, & bacon. veg: onions, spring onions & a salad bag. fats: slices of cheese & garlic infused olive oil.

seasoning: Spicentice gourmet burger rub [20% off with code: Paige20] , pepper, mixed herbs, chilli flakes. sauce: sweet chilli sauce & ketchup.


  1. I poured olive oil on top of my burgers then rubbed in my Spicentice gourmet burger rub. I then put them in the air fryer for the first 15 minutes on about 180. (for about 20 mins in total – keep them in shorter or longer depending on how well-done you like your burgers!)
  2. I put my shredded onions and prawns in the air fryer half way (for about 10 mins) and stirred them in the seasoned juice the burgers created🤭 .
  3. then sprinkled pepper and a bit of my gourmet burger seasoning on my piece of bacon then put it in the air fryer (for about 8 minutes)
  4. I took the burgers, onions, prawns and bacon out once cooked and placed them on the side.
  5. I then sliced a piece of cheese to put on each burger, first layering the bacon on top, followed by the cheese slices. I then put them back in for 3-5 mins until melted.
  6. I put my mixed salad on a plate, then chopped some spring onions. I placed my burgers (with the bacon and cheese on top) on the plate, and then shared the prawns, onions and spring onions between my burgers and salad.
  7. Finally, I sprinkled mixed herb seasoning, chilli flakes and garlic infused olive oil over my dish and lined my plate with ketchup for dipping (I added some sweet chilli sauce after the picture too) –

You can get 20% off your Spicentice order at check out with my code • Paige20 • 

️ Lots of love & i’d love to see your finished piece if you decide to recreate this meal, so please share! and tag me on instagram @paigedoesketo


[Disclaimer – you may decide to use different ingredients *in this case sauces* depending on your goals and style of keto. I dont count calories or net carbs and this works for me and my weight-loss journey – please keep this in mind]

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A Keto diet beginners guide: 10 things I wish I knew.

I’ve put my heart and soul into writing this first blog for you! It’s packed full of common keto beginner mistakes and fails I made, and tips to for you to avoid them!

Most importantly, I’ve included lots of tips, tricks and hacks for enjoying your keto journey and ultimate success. These tips are perfect for keto beginners and those who want to spice up their journey. Lots of Love for being here and I hope you find it helpful x

Table of Contents

A snippet of My keto story 

If you’re reading my very first blog now and just getting to know me. Or you’ve been following my journey a little while and are one of my lovely insta friends. Something you probably wouldn’t know is i’ve actually done keto before lol. Last year actually. So yeah, this isn’t my first rodeo. I started my ‘journey’ last year on the 10th April and was done by the 8th May LOL. Ironically, I lasted 28 DAYS (no joke, check my instagram. I logged my journey the first time round too!)

Losing weight for a holiday

It’s often said it takes 28 days to form a habit, but CLEARLY it takes a little bit more than just a set amount of days written somewhere in a psychology book to really break unhealthy habits of a lifetime. The real reason I started keto at that point in my life was to lose some weight quickly for a holiday.. (sound familiar?) and that’s exactly what I did – and I felt AMAZINGGGG. I got to around 13 stone 3.

first time keto, 2019 – I was mesmerized by this new glow I had as a result of keto after suffering with painful acne
Short-term weight-loss happiness

The only thing is… it didn’t last (I bet that sounds even more familiar and you saw it coming!). I ate what I wanted on that holiday and I enjoyed myself… and I tried my best to maintain my progress… I really did, I actually exercised too. But I came back, fell into old habits and *pooooff* all my hard work disappeared. I enjoyed the summer of 19 (with all the food I love..). The winter came.. I comfort ate because no one could see me under my long puffy jackets. Plus, to be perfectly honest with you, I just didn’t love myself enough back then to care what I looked like when it was cold.

Hitting my lowest in both health and self-esteem

By the time I was ready to look at the scale again and do something about my weight (a year later, March 2020). I was more than 14 stone 4 and I had hit probably the heaviest point in my life. You couldn’t get me out of baggy clothes and I hardly took hardly any pictures. My self esteem was non-existent, My asthma had gotten worse and I felt chest pain just laying down. 

Starting again and NEVER looking back

Fast forward from then to now (mid August, 2020). I’m the happiest and most confident I think I have ever been in my whole life. I restarted keto at the beginning of the pandemic and I’m 6 months into what really does feel like a journey now. Plus 2 whole stones and some pounds lighter (12 stone 2). You’re probably thinking.. Something’s missing in this story.. How did she get from there to there? … why would she do something again if it didn’t work the first time?… and what did she do (and most importantly LEARN) the second time to develop that kind of consistency and lose all that weight?!


I’m going to share with you my secrets and tips and answer ALL of these questions RIGHT NOW – in detail! and tell you EXACTLY what’s working for me and why: 

  • You failed if you’ve done keto before and it didn’t work for you like it does for everyone else.
  • If you’re just starting out, or are planning to but are overwhelmed by all of the information out there, I’m going to tell you the SIMPLE secrets for keto success and give you the necessary hot tips to avoid failure and falling off the wagon, ending up RIGHT back where you started.
  • Why Keto is the best LIFESTYLE choice for me and why I bet Keto would be the right fit for you too!
A yo-yo dieter meets keto

Countless diets that never worked

I’ve tried to lose weight MANY.. many.. times. I’ve tried pills, I’ve tried shakes. They do NOT work and doing these things to our bodies are not acts of self love. That’s one of the most important things I’ve learnt on this journey.

In 2017, I lost around 3 stone through a weight loss programme. It consisted of drinking shakes which didn’t agree with my body and made me ill. but they ‘worked’ and made me really slim. No pain no gain right? well WRONG in this context, but I didn’t know that. I thought that’s what I had to do to get the weight off. I felt beautiful for the first time in a long time. However I still couldn’t appreciate and love my self fully. We’ll talk about that more another time. I put on and lost weight consistently with the same programme until I came across keto in 2019.

My experience the first time doing keto

I loved keto because it felt simple. Even though I lacked soooo much knowledge the first time round but we’ll get to that soon. I was losing weight and I was eating things I enjoyed. My skin was much brighter, less puffy and I was fitting better in my clothes.. and you know what? I didn’t have to drink shakes all day and suffer for quick results which were unsustainable. Unfortunately at the time, I just wasn’t emotionally ready or prepared to give up the dieting and make keto a lifestyle. I didn’t even know it.

My journey back to keto

Prior to the lock down (around February/March, 2020) I did it again – went on my journey to lose weight (can you guess what my motivation was? yep. Another holiday). At this point I was just eating healthier and trying freshly juiced drinks. I felt better in myself but I knew this wasn’t sustainable. So I decided to go back to keto. You know what changed this time?

Written goals I couldn’t ignore

I set my self GOALS. They may LOOK like ordinary post-it-notes… but they are visuals which remind me daily where I’ve come from and how things changed. These were goals me and my mum wrote together for us. I had put a time limit on my weightl-oss because we were going on holiday after those 8 weeks. But guess what. I had started something.. I had goals now.. and I was feeling good.

Becoming and staying accountable

We went into lock down and I continued with keto. I fell in love with the results I was making.. and although my holiday was cancelled.. I didn’t stop & I definitely didn’t look back. Although these goals are very much outdated. These sticky notes are still displayed by my bedside as a testimony of me starting my journey and sticking to it. God forbid I ever lost the motivation, they would remind me of how I got my life back. They would remind me that I could do it again.

lets get down to business

1) Diet or lifestyle.. Which one are you picking?

You need to shift your mindset.

Diet or lifestyle.. what is it that you want? If you want to be consistent with keto and see REAL results which last. Be one of those AMAZINGG women in the side by sides… you have to realise that’s not a diet, that’s a lifestyle choice they’ve made.  So you need to make that choice too.

I’ts likely your current habits will not get you there.. but i’m sure you know that deep down. A change in your life is going to require physical work, but it’s going to require even more mental sculpting. It’s important that you work on changing your mindset. You should know EXACTLY what it is that you want from starting keto. Or anything for that matter. Your decision will determine your results. And how long they last for that matter.

Why Keto?

If you’re starting out and trying to lose weight, some questions you want to ask yourself are ‘How big is my why?’, ‘Why now?’, ‘Why not a programme with shakes? or slimming teas or pills’. ‘What can I get from keto that I can’t get from any other ‘diet’ or lifestyle choice?’, ‘what am I going to do to keep myself accountable?’.

Tips and strategies to start keto and stay accountable.

Some of the things you can do might include keeping a diary of your answers to these questions. Or you might write some goals on post-it-notes and display them where you can see them daily, like I did. It can be really difficult to eat healthy when you have a bad relationship with food. So when you’re starting out, try a food diary and log all of your foods for the day. This will encourage you to be more conscious of your eating habits and will help you to control what you’re putting in your mouth. One of my favourite apps that has supported my journey is ‘happy scale’. It allows you to set your weight loss goals in segments so the journey isn’t overwhelming. It also ticks off your accomplishments in milestones when you achieve them. I still find this extremely motivational.

My why

When I decided to restart keto I wanted to lose weight because I was in such a dark place. Health wise, I was failing my body.. and at 23 I was way too young too feel like it was giving up on me because of the way I had mistreated it. I needed to make a change and I wanted to work towards looking good on my holiday that was coming up. But this changed.. and its still changing.

It became less about whether I could look better for my holiday and more about seeing what could happen if I didn’t give up. I got addicted to the progress I was making, the weight melting off.. looking and feeling healthier.

I fell in love with developing self love and learning how to look after myself, developing a love of cooking, creating beautiful content & sharing my journey with my community – this keep me accountable.

inspiring others

I went from only being accountable for myself to being accountable for myself and inspiring others to choose, and keep choosing themselves – its one of the most beautiful feelings i’ve ever felt, and I will strive to keep doing and feeling that. Paige x

2) To carb or not to carb.

What is the keto diet? the science-y bit

how many carbs can you spot?

If you didn’t know, keto is a low carb, high fat diet. It’s the absense of these carbs which puts your body in a metabolic state called ‘ketosis’. When you reduce your carb intake, your body starts to produce ‘ketones’. These are an alternative fuel source and your body is able to switch its fuel supply from blood sugar (glucose) to ketones.

Your body is a burning machine!

When you reach this state your body becomes a burning machine. Making it easier to access your fat stores and burning your fat 24-7. Why run on sugar when your body can use it’s own fat stores for energy and burn fat at the same time?!.

In addition to weight loss, running on ketones can provide a steady source of energy. keeping you more alert without the sugar peaks you get when you eat too many carbs – this also means less hunger.

Some ‘carbs’ are okay. Some are not.

The thing is.. it can get a bit tricky when you’re trying to work out what you can eat. Whilst trying to navigate life. Develop better healthy habits to be consistent AND dodge carbs. Did you know veg have carbs? and that’s okay because they mostly have a low count (mostly). But sweet potato is VERY high in carbs – so you can’t eat that.. “but it has the word potato in it, so duh Paige – that’s obvious” you say… It is a low carb diet after all. But they are in fact vegetables.. right? so you can see how I fell into that trap. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! (properly)

Ketosis and foods to avoid

What about sweet corn? Ha, you thought that was just veg right? But it’s carbs. That won’t get you in or keep you in ketosis. Which is your goal now. You have to be aware of these little things.

When I did keto the first time round, I was still eating sweet corn AND sweet potato pretty consistently. Not to mention fish fingers and a big half a plate of beans! * monkey covering face emoji*

Staying in ketosis is like floating

Keto is like that. It takes some level of skill – you need to know how to get into ketosis and stay there. Just like floating. You needs tips, and you need support. One thing I wish I had the first time I started keto was someone who was down to earth and willing to tell me all this good juicy stuff without having to learn it all from scratch, and failing in the beginning.

How many carbs can you spot?

These carby foods will not help you reach ketosis, unfortunately. You may still lose a bit of weight but not as consistently or steadily. Point blank, this just isn’t Keto lol. No matter how healthy you are eating, or how much you feel you have reduced your carbs… You HAVE to take control and commit to the journey. You have to be confident in what you’re doing to see life changing results. I only learnt that the second time round.

3) The basic trio for keto success.

Protein + fats + veg = a delicious recipe for a long life in ketosis.

So I told you earlier that keto is a low carb, moderate protein high fat diet.. and I bet your eyes opened a little wider when you saw the word ‘fat’ mentioned positively in the context of weight loss. It is only recently I started adding fats to my food myself.

The benefits of fats for ketosis

So here’s the science again. On keto, ‘fats’ should be your primary source as they can be converted to ketones which aid your weight loss. Dietary fats have numerous benefits. They can help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins and regulate inflammation and immunity. They also maintain cells including hair and skin (do you see this glow?). Healthy fats are beneficial to your every day eating habits as they add richness to your food, making you feel fuller and eventually forgetting about the carbs you used to pack on to your plate!

Peanut butter pancakes (the ingredients have Fats!!!) eggs, butter etc

You of course want to be careful of the types of fats you’re including in your diet. Plus choose fats which are minimally processed and/or occur naturally.

The benefits of the trio for ketosis

The trio protein + fats + veg provides an easy template because its sooo adaptable and the ingredients are cheap. I find it gets me the best results because its so simple. If you do start keto, focus on the basics. Ensuring you’re getting your fats in and are enjoying the foods you are making. As good as keto carb replacements are, the progress of these will never beat that of simple keto trio’s. Simply because they’re usually packed with more ingredients you could avoid if you made it yourself or just stuck to the trio!

side tip: if you’re having too much keto treats and carb replacements, this may be why you have stalled. Go back to basics!

The benefits of protein and veg


Protein is ALWAYS the staple of my meal. I pick a protein, pick my veg, then add my fats – voila! Protein is a must as it keeps you full longer and it helps you build muscle. Plus, who’s trying to survive on leaves lol


Why veg? did your mumma never tell you to eat your vegetables?! – plus, most vegetables are low in calories which means you can eat more and be fuller! This is really helpful as I dont track my food – calories, net carbs, or anything. Veg also contain many nutrients and are often rich in potassium – helping you fight keto flu! if you haven’t heard of this term before, its not an actual flu lol. It’s just a term we use to describe the symptoms you may get when your bodies changes its fuel source. which is caused by limiting your carb intake. It doesn’t last long if you know how to curb it. For example there are ways of combatting keto flu quickly with sodium, potassium and magnesium (also known as electrolytes)

The benefits of MCT oil on my journey (fats)

I still occasionally find it difficult to fit my fats in throughout the day so I started taking MCT oil in my tea every morning – this boosted my ketones, helps me deal with my keto flu and contributed to me losing 3lb in a WEEK (and 5lb in 10 days!!!) when I started my keto reset after started stalling with more frequent non-keto cheats (yep, no matter were you are in your journey – it happens). The important thing is your relationship with food is better and you dont allow these foods to enter your life in abundance again, and you defintely DON’T forget your goals you set at the beginning of your journey. This is a lifestyle, remember? but yeah – i loveeee this MCT oil. its a staple in most keto journeys, and I wish i tried it sooner. this is the MCT oil I use – I highly recommend it. It helped me combat my keto flu, helps me feel fuller long and proves me with more energy.

My favourite Keto (trio) meal

Going back to the trio, juicy chicken wings and salad topped with lots of cheese is by far my favourite meal – I like to switch up my flavours. Some of my favourites are sweet chilli, garlic parmesan and bbq wings *licks lips*. You could also try steak with butter and cheesy broccoli. if you season it all right its mouth watering.

How to include fats in your meals

Here are some examples of fats you want to be including in your meals, and i’ll include visuals of what my trio may look like below too.

fats: MCT oils, butter, cheese, eggs, creams (double, whipping coconut etc), avocados, Almonds, olives, olive oil, fatty fish, grass fed animals and their dairy.

Sweet chilli chicken wings (protein) salad (veg) with cheese, lemon juice and garlic infused olive oil (fats)

Burgers topped with melted cheese and onions (protein + fats) with a side of salad with cheese and olive oil (fats)

4) Lazy research

A key reason you probably did keto before and failed is because there’s just TOO much information out there or maybe you didnt do it, but you had the right intentions, looked at all the information, saw fancy words like ‘net carb’ and ketosis’, and though ‘f*$k that’. ‘I just want a quick fix’. ‘I’m just trying to lose weight for this holiday’. Which goes back to number one. How big is your why?

When I did keto the first time, I did the LEAST research possible to get started, which is why it wasn’t sustainable. I wasn’t invested enough. I was swimming in the deep end but couldn’t swim. But – if you’re reading this thinking, ‘I need to do something about my weight’, ‘I just wish someone would help me or that I could just click my fingers and be in a bettter place’ you’re already half there. You just need to act on it. i’m reaching out my hand to you.

5) Let someone who’s got the t-shirt show you the ropes.. * free keto coaching challenge launching soon* see for details

Get yourself a Keto coach. Someone you trust.. that you’ve seen that’s relatable. Someone like you – that not only shares the good but the ugly too. That’s real and honest. Someone who genuinely wants to help you, and is interested in making this shift in your life worthwhile and life-long.

I will soon be launching keto coaching at the most affordable prices and I will make it my mission to help you change your life, even after your challenge with me is finished.

Join me!

If you are interested in losing weight with me, i’ll be launching my programme with a month of FREE 1-1 KETO COACHING for 30 days for a set number of ladies who are ready to change their life. Dont miss this opportunity – all you have to do is register your interest! if you are already doing keto, tell your family and friends! x

stay tuned for more updates on my instagram @paigedoesketo x

Let’s do it together!

it’s common nature that you pick things up quicker and things are much less stressful when you allow some to teach you, share with you what they have learnt from their experiences and mistakes. it’s also much less likely you will have to try, fail and restart again like I did.

Example: you wouldn’t jump in a pool not knowing how to swim. Or would you? the chances are.. you’ll flap about. You’ll float a little bit.. you might not drown straight away.. but eventually you’ll drown.

I had to get my mind RIGHT and be in a place to make the change. My *very short* first keto journey is still on my instagram page as a reminder of where I’ve come from, how much my food has evolved and how much I’ve learnt and grown so far.

I hope you choose to join and lose weight with me! x

6) Your food is boring – therefore it’s a short-term diet

How many times have you tried a new diet and thought ‘omg this is difficult. I’m only doing a few weeks’, ‘I cant live off shakes’, ‘this food is bland’, ‘I miss x y z’ or ‘I need fried food’.

nonononononononoooooo – this is DIET MENTALITY !!!

You don’t have to give up all of your favourite foods!!

Changing your lifestyle in order to be healthy should never have to cost you; your hapiness – ALL of the foods you love, make you give up ice creams, and sweet treats… make your taste buds scream because your food is so bland, have you eating the same THING ON REPEAT, cause you to take supplements or shakes in replacement of a varied and balanced diet. OR cause you to be restricted in the ways you cook can your food – you can still eat fried food on keto !!! e.g. fried chicken. (You just need to be smart about how you do it). finally, your choice should never allow you to feel hungry or unsatisfied. AND if it does – you’re doing something wrong (e.g. not keto)

HOW will you make this a lifestyle if you’re not even enjoying the process? you’ll just be counting down the days til its over… lose weight.. enjoy the progress for a minute.. go back to old habits and THENN there goes ALL the weight back on! AND THEN SOME!!.. and then you’ll probably try again next year (which has been the story of my life since I was about 16).

Food can be flavoursome!! – and still be healthy

My pet peev is bland food – being a foodie, I had to learn how to make my favourite dishes, and learn new ones QUICK to satisfy my tastebuds. This was necessary in order to be consistent, ditch the carbs and continue to enjoy the life long journey i’m on! (and im still learning new things I like every day)

My favourite recipes so far

Below are just SOME of my favourite, mouthwatering sweet and savoury foods, bakes and treats i’ve made since starting my journey x

How I cook with flavour at home

Being healthy should NEVER cost you flavour and the enjoyment of eating your food. Tbh I often enjoy my cooked food more than my occasional cheat (food) days because I cook with LOVE, EFFORT PASSION and hella’ seasoning too. If you want to add some LIFE to your food and keep your meals flavourful and interesting you can get money off the best flavours out their using my code – PAIGE20 for 20% off your Spicentice order at checkout. You’re welcome in advance! https://www.spicentice.com/

7) Amazon is your keto best friend (especially if you’re in the UK)

Keto in the UK

One thing i’ve learnt on my journey is that keto in the UK can be difficult if you don’t know where to find things. There aren’t that many ‘keto products’ out in the supermarket either, which means you have to look for them online pretty often, and/or buy products and get creative in your kitchen.

How to do keto on a budget

Amazon is a God send because they have all of these things in one place. If like me, you like to do keto on a budget, they often have MUCH cheaper products, for the same quality and in larger quantities too. For example, I buy a BIG 1kg tub of 100% pure peanut butter (its massive, and the consistencies thick, so you dont need to use a lot). I’ve found that quality peanut butter in UK supermarkets are expensive for not very much product – and you really want to be avoiding extra sugars where you can. So I buy this big tub for £6.99 and it lasts AGES. This Is what I use to make my peanut butter pancakes. I’ve bought it twice so far.

The benefits of amazon prime on keto

I buy pretty much all of my keto products and things to support my journey from Amazon, so I joined prime at the start of my journey to save money (I hate paying for postage – I wont lie). Prime allows me to click, buy and then my order’s on its way the next day. This is ESSENTIAL when I suddenly run out of peanut butter or keto flour, cause I like to bake!.

You can test prime out with a FREE 30 day trial of unlimited one day deliveries on many of my favourite products below and millions of others to support your keto journey. Thank me later when you realise how much you’re saving on deliveries. p.s in addition to free unlimited deliveries, you also get unlimited music, movies & series/tv shows, and some books. I’ve even watched free yoga videos on there too – so you really have nothing to lose if you dont already have prime.

My favourite amazon products

I like to keep things interesting and make my journey as easy and enjoyable as possible, so i’m always buying new products and utensils. Here are some of my favourite buys.

Boost your ketones

  • premium, pure, c8 premium, pure, MCT oil: I spoke about this one earlier – I highly recommend. I use this daily to get my fats in and boost my ketones. It keeps me energised, helps with intermittent fasting and helps me to not feel hungry throughout the day.

Hair, skin and nail maintenance

Biotin Supplement with Collagen, Zinc and Vitamin C, 180 Tablets – For health, skin and nail growth and maintenance whilst on keto. This is the most affordable supplements i’ve found and they last 6 MONTHS. I have already started to see improvements in the thickness of my hair (2 month progress)

Must have keto ingredients, carb & sugar replacements

Cooking utensils

Exercise on keto

  • resistance bands – they come as a set of 5, Xtra light – Xtra heavy. These are great no matter how old you are, or where you are in your fitness journey. You can use them in your work outs for more resistance, or use them on their own (p.s you can use them ANYWHERE. Sometimes i just sit and use them to tone my arms in front of the tv.
  • bluetooth selfie stick + tripod stand with remote – Loooovee this. I use this to take pictures and film content. it’s only 12.99!!!! and it comes with a little remote!

8) Community Meets accountability. The harsh truths about family and friends.

Do whats best for you!

Of course your family and friends love you – but they dont always know whats best for you. you have to work that out for yourself, stick with your plan and then show them your results. When you tell them you are cutting your carbs they will most likely judge your decision – but they wasn’t judging your decision or worrying about your health when you was overloading your body with sugar, eating big burgers with everything in it, and chips with NOOO salad in sight – religiously. thats what got you in that mess! do whats best for you!!

You have to learn how to say no!

You have to be strong enough to say no, be discplined, and know EXACTLY why you’re saying no (because you have plan and youre trying to stay in ketosis. discipline + consistency = success). one thing i heard in the begining of my journey ALOT was “here, just have a bite”, “a little won’t hurt”. STAY STRONGGG SIS. Say no, thank you. I had to learn this, and im still learning – but im doing a hella lot better than when i started, Itell you that!

The art of shifting your mindset towards your goals

My mum is the worst lol, she knows what i’m doing, shes proud of me and she can see that it works Buttttt she will STILL ALWAYSSS offer me non-keto take-away food when shes ordering or when it comes (and this is on a daily basis). The old me wasn’t strong enough to say no.. not no to others, and not no to myself when I wanted something that didnt align with my goals. p.s you look at life VERY different when you replace ‘I dont want that’.. ‘I dont need that right now’… ‘it doesnt align with my goals’.. ‘i’ve been making really good progress’ with ‘I can’t eat that’ – ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER.

I know my mum means well.. but its not helpful and if I wasnt in the place I am mentally, i’d still be starting over. you have to be strong for YOU. make good decisions for YOU and YOUR body. No one can decide what you eat and the daily decisions you make but you.

9) Instagram – join the keto/weightloss community on instagram and let me introduce you!

Build your keto support network

Make genuine connections, support each other’s journey. The chances are, there will come a day when you feel like giving up, and you’ll see someone you know KILLIN their journey – and you’ll think. I’m SOO proud of you. I want to achieve that. I need to be more dedicated.. and you’ll also have these people interacting with you personally and encouraging YOU daily, to keep you going.

if I had known all of these amazing and inspirational people who filled my feed last year, I promise you I wouldnt have given up – because they’re amazing.

The benefits of motivational posts on your page and feed

tip: Fill your own insta page with motivation. When you see positivity, you’ll feel it. Even on your worst days, It’ll be a reminder of your best times and you’ll crave that energy and keep going. its not always sunshine though.. post how youre feeling when you’re down or when youve slipped up. Own up to it and keep going – its life.. it happens.. people in our community relate with that and they will ALWAYS support you.

Low-carb insta inspo for daysss

Here are SOME of the most inspirational wo/men (i’ve never met – yet!) who have had a massive, positive impact on my journey so far.

@ketosisorbust @kate_loves_keto_ @keto_with_sal @moemoe050808 @alexsimmonet @theketoexpat @hwxlj @ketoandcrystal @myfitfoodiefit @keto.shayy @where_the_fatt @rheaeats @lazyketo_mama_katie @carbcuttingchelsea @amberketoblessed @carelii15 @keto_can @tashakeepsketo @sahar_getsfit @ketovalley @onfieforgod @chels_goes_keto @desiree_ket_journey @theketobawse @neix.goes.keto @thesundaybruncher_ @browneyed_vic @_ketocactus @naturalbeautywithjo @fitness_t15 @brwnbutterbae @keto.nina @queencjesq @ketoleshh @_fabandfitdeb @keto_mum_life_uk @lowcarbwithbri @ms_sassy82 @ketovalley @ketocreoleincali @bec_healthier_happier_me @keto.shayy @thecajunketochef @marys_fat_macros @london.keto.girl

*breathe for this mouthful*

These are.. some of the most beautiful people – inside and out, full of life, have the hottest, most flavoursome keto/low carb recipes and foods about, inspo for dayssss, get up and beast it everyday and encourage me to do better with my exercise, always show love, most pure people & I love our chats, introduce me to challenges, some have been with me since my first time keto and never left when I was missing, have THE BEST Keto tips, share self love and care – which keeps me going everyday people—- *breathes* forming the BEST community a girl like me, (and you) could ask for. They keep me 110% ACCOUNTABLE and encourage me to show up and show out every single day – and this is the tiniest percentage of my community – I love you all insta family, and i’m sorry I couldnt tag you all – but I appreciate you x

10) Utilise Pinterest

You can find ANYTHING on Pinterest.

When you are starting out and need some inspo, or you have been on your journey a while but are starting to get bored, you can simply look for:

  • simply explained info (and of course come back here x)
  • recipes and meal ideas
  • replacement ideas for carbs and sugars
  • tips and tricks

don’t make things too difficult! theres lots of information but theres even more support available – just reach out x

we’ve reached the end!! (for now x)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my VERY first blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!.. I hope you learnt something and I can’t wait to create and share more content for you all! i’d love to hear what you thought or answer any questions, so leave me a message x

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speak soon x

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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