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When I started keto I was LOST. I had no idea what I was looking for, what worked or what was essential for a keto diet so i’ve put together a list of my favourite products which support me on my journey and keep things interesting to get you started and/or help you maximise your success.

Boost you ketones
  • premium, pure, c8 premium, pure, MCT oil: – I highly recommend. I use this daily to boost my ketones and get my fats in. It keeps me energised, helps with intermittent fasting and helps me to not feel hungry throughout the day
Hair, skin and nail maintenance

Biotin Supplement with Collagen, Zinc and Vitamin C, 180 Tablets – For health, skin and nail growth and maintenance whilst on keto. This is the most affordable supplements i’ve found and lasts 6 MONTHS. I have already started to see improvements in the thickness of my hair (2 month progress)

Must have keto ingredients, carb and sugar replacements
  • Spice kits – Do you like to cook healthy.. but with LOTSS of flavour? – My code Paige20 gets you 20% of the best and finest seasonings and flavours out there so you can recreate your favourite takeaways. Free delivery available if you’re in the UK. Just apply my code at check out for discounts.
  • organic agave chocolate syrup – I pour this alllll over my pancakes. You can also buy a nectar version which is an amazing honey replacement.
  • a big tub of 100% natural peanut butter. I use this often in my baking (and pancakes! so its great value)
  • zero calorie sugar replacement – 100% Natural Erythritol – I use this in my tea and in my baking
  • a big bag of Almond flour (i’ve only ever found this online) – in addition to coconut flour, I use this for baking and coating for fried/battered food (you cant use normal flour!)
Cooking utensils
Exercise equipment

resistance bands – they come as a set of 5, Xtra light – Xtra heavy. These are great no matter how old you are, or where you are in your fitness journey. You can use them in your work outs for more resistance, or use them on their own (p.s you can use them ANYWHERE. Sometimes i just sit and use them to tone my arms in front of the tv.

Blogging and vlogging gadgets

Bluetooth selfie stick + tripod stand with remote – Loooovee this. I use this to take pictures and film content. it’s only 12.99!!!! and it comes with a little remote!

You’re welcome!!!

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link on this blog. I would never recommend a product I don’t use or love myself!

*the information I provide is from my own expereince of trying the keto lifestyle. I am not a licensed physician or medical professional. If you are planning to try the keto keto life style please seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider to ensure this is safe for you, and ask any questions you may have. it’s particularly important to make sure you are given the all clear, if you have medical conditions as not everything is safe for everybody. Please seek professional medical advice.

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